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The Procurement Department

As an official distributor (dealer) of the leading manufacturers of Europe, Russia and China at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan Antares Group of Companies has the opportunities to maintain deliveries, render services and consultations concerning the following equipment:

1. Well head equipment:

  • x-trees;
  • column heads;
  • discharge fittings;
  • pumping rod fittings;
  • parallel-side valves;
  • angle valves;
  • throttling devices;
  • preventers;
  • pumping units;
  • and much other equipment according to your technical requirements.


2. Pipe fittings:

  • taper-seat valves of high, medium and low pressure;
  • back-flow and rotary valves;
  • ball valves;
  • shut-off valves;
  • flanges and metalware;
  • and much other equipment according to your technical requirements.

3.       Equipment to measure debit of oil well products

  • Automated group measure unit for gas measuring in oil associate of АМ;
  • Control and management unit for measuring equipment;


4.       Equipment for recording systems:

  • Water measuring system;
  • Oil quality and quality measuring system;
  • Gas measuring system

5.       Equipment for reservoir-pressure maintenance system:

  • Modular group pumping station;
  • Modular group pumping station with plunger-type pumps;
  • Modular group pumping station with horizontal pumps;
  • Valve manifold (water distribution unit)


In 2014 Antares Group of Companies LLP is going to launch a plant for production of well head, block and oil industry equipment, the total area of which is10 ha including production area 4000 m2.