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Anticorrosive protection

Use of polyurea for waterproof and anticorrosive protection guarantees long operation of objects without repair.

Currently, varnish-and-paint market offers a lot of materials for waterproofing and anticorrosive protection of metal and concrete - epoxide, polyether, acrylic, rubber, polyurethane and etc.

Each of them has certain set of properties and characteristics which enable to provide anticorrosion protection. In addition to the benefits of these materials, there are drawbacks – short service life of coatings, narrow temperature range for application, and what is most important - almost all of them are sensitive to moisture contained in base coat ad in the air. During works performance, materials drying time should be taken into account.

Traditional materials gave a way to the new generation of coatings having no drawbacks listed above, and new techniques of their use.

They include polyurea – spray polyurea coatings. Polyurea coatings have unique properties. Polyurea coating has a highest rate of cure, 10–20 seconds after application, in 5 minutes after application, pedestrian traffic is possible, and in an hour - motor traffic. Polyurea cure can occur at the temperature below 0°С.

Polyurea is a polymer which cures without catalysts. This enables to apply coating within wider moisture and temperature range.

Use of polyurea for waterproofing and anticorrosive protection guarantees long periods of objects operation without repair, possibility to work at increased humidity and limiting temperatures. On the whole area of waterproof surface, a seamless film - membrane  - is formed. The fact that polyurea is spray elastomer allows to make change-over from one type of surface to another without loss of final coating quality.

Polyurea is used for :

  • protection from the underground and atmosphere corrosion of steel main pipelines transporting natural gas, oil and oil products;
  • fittings, fastening parts and block valve stations;
  • pipelines of compressor, gas-distribution and pumping stations;
  • oil tank farms, head facilities of oil and gas fields.
  • underground gas storages, oil and gas treatment plants and other similar facilities with operation temperature up to 60°С, as well as for insulation of studs and other steel and concrete structures.

At your request, specialists of our Company are ready to develop any protective coating system for different industrial and agricultural areas.

  • Pipelines restoration, pipes waterproofing

    Polyurea is ideal for restoration of steel and reinforced-concrete pipelines.

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  • Anticorrosive coatings of steel structures

    Specially developed polyurea elastomers have necessary waterproofing and anticorrosion properties.

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  • Oil and gas industry

    Special systemic polyurea elastomers are developed for the use when tradition coatings are not suitable due to the specifics of technological process of oil and gas facilities.

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  • Coatings for power engineering facilities

    Other group of widespread coatings includes anticorrosive and antierosive substances for protection of foundations, metalworks, transmission towers and power engineering facilities pipelines.

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  • Coatings for bridges, tunnels and other industrial structures

    A big variety of formulas used in systemic polyurea elastomer enables to use them as coatings, facing compositions and protective membranes for bridges, tunnels, high-speed railway lines, motor roads and…

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  • Boats coating

    Specially developed compositions of polyurea elastomers are insensitive to temperature or moisture, so they can be used in a wider range of weather conditions as compared to other traditional coatings.

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