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Pipelines restoration, pipes waterproofing

Polyurea is ideal for restoration of steel and reinforced-concrete pipelines.

Polyurea is often used for protection of steel pipelines surface without expensive equipment. Application of polyurea is very quick process, so a pipe can be buried immediately. There are a lot of pipelines, including the pipeline in Alaska, coated with the use of this technology in order to speed up production process and minimize the pipeline maintenance costs.

Today, polyurea is ahead of any other goods in the market due to the possibility of its application on a wet base. Polyurethanes can be sensitive to high moisture of air and a base. As a result, isocyanate component will react with atmospheric moisture or high moisture of base with emission of carbon dioxide and related expansion of coating. But polyurea does not react with water.

Reaction of linking of A Component and B Component in polyurea system is so quick that moisture can not affect. This is a great virtue in damp climate.

Waterproofing of pipes, cable wells, concrete storages and reinforced structures, waste water and sewer pipelines systems, is the optimum way to protect the pipes surfaces from leakage which is achieved by means of mitigation of ground water influence (which considerably reduces pipeline lifetime) and gives perceptible effect owing to saving costs for maintenance and replacement of damaged sections. Technological systems of the use of polymers are developed for in-place repair of water conduits and sewer systems that enables to considerably reduce repair costs and avoid expensive replacement of damaged areas.