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Industrial floors

Antares Group of Companies provides its clients with both poured and sprayed polyurethane coverings for floors.

Adequate choice of the type of industrial floor is defined by its compliance with definite requirements, especially compliance of floor covering with operation mode, operating cost, price as well as decorativeness.   Any floor covering is conceived not only as an element of design of internal space, but as necessary functional component taking all operation loads like impact stress from fall of heavy items, transportation loads, vibration, severe wear, influence of petroleum, oil, lubricants, temperature drops, influence of moisture and dissolved salts therein as well as chemically aggressive cleaning and other substances.

Development of construction chemistry provides a lot of modern solutions for arrangement of top decorative and protective layer of floors.  In the line of such solutions the polymer floors are not far from the last place. Main advantages of polymer floors are as follows:   dust-free, integrity, thermal and chemical resistance, easy and convenient application and operation and mainly high durability and wear resisting property, decorative features of covering, all of them allow taking a leading position among a wide range of choice of solutions for industrial floors.

Floor polymer coatings are not only aesthetically good-looking and keep tidy appearance for long years of operation, but also they are easy in cleaning. Cleanness and order in public promises with high intensity of operation not only looks good to the eye of clients, but also comfortable for work of service personnel. Dust, dirt, long-standing specific odours - it is a thing of the past.

All polymer materials used to arrange industrial floors are different from each other by their physical and mechanical properties and techniques of installation.  Elastic polyurethane floors demonstrate high resistance to abrasion and dynamic loads; epoxy composites in comparison with polyurethane in regard to resistance to abrasion are designed for significant static loads; high speed of application and ease in construction is a distinctive feature of floor coverings.

For floor construction every component is important - waterproofing, heat insulation, noise insulation, binding, final covering, however long service of floor and convenience of its operation depend mostly on binding quality. Rough binding not only affects floor appearance, but leads to cracks on surface covering (in case of application of traditional materials).   High elasticity of polyurea systems prevents from cracking of surface covering, however rough surface, slopes, dents and knolls do not provide covering with elasticity. Horizontal norm deviances during binding shall not be more than 2 mm per two running meters. 

Recommendations for Polymer Floors Selection

With a great variety of floor coverings, there are no materials or technical solution among them that exceed by any definition the other and suitable for all occasions.  Therefore for adequate choice of one or another covering it is necessary to take into account the whole range of factors, such as:  type of premise and its performance characteristics (mechanical, temperature, chemical loads), aesthetic requirements to the floor, foundation state, required terms and condition of laying and of course the cost (budget) of project.

 Therefore, write to us, specialists will contact with you and propose an optimal solution.

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