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Spray thermal insulation with PU foam

Installation of polymeric insulation

If you need actually effective and long-life insulation, turn your attention to modern thermal insulating materials, for example, polyurethane foam (PU foam).

Polyurethane foam has nothing in common with traditional mineral and glass wool insulation supplied in form of pads, slabs and requiring difficult installation with the use of water-vapour barrier and fittings. Polyurethane foam is applied by spraying method. At the same time this material has very low thermal conductivity, excellent adhesion to surface, anticorrosive properties.

As diagram shows, effective insulation of building is provided by polyurethane foam layer with thickness two time less then thickness of usual mineral wool layer. This means that material is spent more economically that results it reduction of total expenses for construction or capital repair.

PU foam spraying gives possibility to obtain seamless thermal insulation coating excluding the presence of cold bridges along the whole building line, evenly coating surfaces of any configuration. None of thermal insulating materials has this property.

Other advantages of PU foam insulation:

  • Almost full absence of moisture absorption. Herewith, thermal insulation properties do not worsen with the increase of environmental humidity and with time.
  • 100% ecological safety: no harmful fibres, dust, cuts and other particles weathered from traditional insulants.
  • Service time. Without mechanical damages, PU foam coatings are used for at least 25 years.
  • Polyurethane foam is applied by spraying so that the resultant coating has no seams and junctions, easily enters hard-to-reach places and blankets all exposed surfaces and connections. This solves a problem of splits and cold bridges. Excellent adhesion enables the material to be kept on any horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces and not to unstuck from treated surfaces under gravity.
  • Fire protection services classify polyurethane foam as nonflammable material.
  • Polyurethane foam is biologically neutral and resistant to micro-organisms, decay-resistant and funginert.
  • Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam is performed in the shortest time possible that significantly accelerates the rate of progress of the construction work.


One special feature of PU foam insulation is necessity of applying additional waterproofing layer for protection from mechanical damages and extension of lifetime.

Our Company successfully performs all these works. Application of waterproofing layer is already included in technological process, therefore we can ensure the highest quality of works and provide solid guarantees of lifetime. PU foam insulation is sprayed with the use of high-quality foreign equipment. In the course of works performance, all specific details of technological process and safety regulations are observed. Upon completion of works, you will get really warm building.

Comparative thickness of different materials with equal thermal insulation:


  1. CONCRETE — 2132 mm
  2. BRICK — 942 mm
  4. TIMBER — 340 mm
  5. MINERAL WOOL — 125 mm
  6. PLASTIC FOAM — 75 mm
  7. PU foam - 30 mm



Polyurethane foam insulation costs will be minimum. You get saving in the delivery of huge amount of thermal-insulating slabs, unloading, installation of ware-vapour barriers. The whole process of polymeric insulation application starts directly at construction site and completed within a very short time. Soon after the polymeric insulation application, the facility will be ready for use.

 Polyurethane foam application area:

  • Heat insulation of country house
  • Roof insulation
  • Insulation of mansard, roof coating
  • Walls insulation
  • Floors ans slabs insulation
  • Foundation insulation
  • Laying and repair of old roofing coating
  • Heat insulation of hangars, storehouses, production premises
  • Pipelines insulation


At your request, we make calculation of the cost of heat insulation of your house, garage, hangar, storehouse, commercial or production premise. Call us or send your request using feed-back form.

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