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Polyurethane foam insulation of walls

Thermal insulation of internal and external walls

Thermal insulation of internal walls

Thermal insulation of internal walls of wood-frame house is made between wall sheets. Framework structure is a metal or wood frame made of studs at a pitch of 500-600 mm filled with insulant. Gypsum plasterboards, panels and etc. can serve as material for walls inner lining. External side of wall can by battened, coated by plaster, decorative tiles and other materials for outer lining.

Thermal insulation of external walls and face of building

Advantages of external facade thermal insulation. Facade insulated on the exterior provides favourable temperature conditions inside. Besides,the increase of building thermal protection enables to reduce heat losses and does not allow heat penetration in summer. This makes possible to significantly save electric power.

Due to high adhesion properties, polyurethane foam is ideal for thermal insulation of building external walls.

Polyurethane can be applied to walls made of timber strips, ceramic or silica bricks, gas-concrete or foam-concrete blocks, on inside and outside.

Besides effective thermal insulation, polyurethane with density 60 kg per cubic meter and more can provide  protection of wall from the influence of ground waters and atmospheric precipitations.

Polyurethane foam application does not require fasteners, which means that cold bridges formation is impossible. When spraying, polyurethane creates monolithic seamless coating that minimize heat losses.

Face walls insulated with PU foam enables to cut expenses for heating of building by 60%. Carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere are reduced. Light enclosing structures can be used without loss of heat stability. Use of light enclosing structures results in cutting costs for installation of foundation and walls up to 40%.

Polyurethane foam can be finished by painting, plastering, siding or thin boards or lining brick laying