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Heat insulation of hangars, storehouses, production premises, with PU foam

Currently, one of the most perspective methods of hangars insulation is polyurethane foam (PU foam) spraying.

Alternative methods of hangars insulation (mineral wool, polystyrene foam and etc.) are economically impractical for the following reason:

  • necessity of arrangement of fastening for alternative methods of hangars insulation and impossibility of removal of cracks (heat losses are more than 40-50%). In the heat insulation, the hangar insulated with mineral wool of 15-20 cm in thickness ranks below the hangar coated with 2 cm PU foam;
  • duration of works on hangar PU foam insulation is considerably shorter;
  • possibility of installation of reliable thermal-waterproofing barrier on ceiling of the structure of hangar insulated without extra costs for its fastening;
  • polyurethane foam surface is aesthetically pleasing and in some cases does not need additional finishing. This is significant advantage for construction of insulated hangars designed for trade and sportive centers.


100% adhesion with any construction surface: metal, brick, concrete, plywood and etc.

Spray polyurethane foam has significant benefits as compared with other materials, because polyurethane provides the following at the same time: protects metals from corrosion; it is excellent hydrobonder and insulant; has good adhesion to any surfaces; has no erection joints; quickly applied on the structures with large area of surface.