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The Design Department

At the present time the Design Department of Antares Group of Companies includes above 20 qualified specialists (architects, designers, engineering-specialists).

As general contracting design organisation we attract the best subcontractors for special work, mainly they are the special installation companies with wide experience and having own design departments.

The Department is equipped with necessary computers and office appliances permanently updated and replenished bases of regulatory and reference documentation both in hard copy and electronic format. Specialists of the Department constantly improve their qualification in various workshops and courses; get acknowledged with new materials and technologies. Working closely with construction subcontracting companies, the designers have opportunity to make design solutions that most effectively use a potential of equipment of the Company and subcontractors.

The Design Department implements a full set of design work and approvals for a construction project:

  • Development of a concept of designed facility taking into account Owner's requirements:  town-planning, space planning and general interior solutions.
  • Determination of cost of design and construction of the project at the pre-design stage.
  • Development of draft design.
  • Passing of town-planning commission.
  • Development and coordination with the Owner of technical design assignment, consultations referred to finishing and structural materials.
  • Calculation of loads to get necessary technical conditions to connect a facility with utility networks.
  • Development of detailed design and documentation.
  • Preparation of estimate documentation.         
  • Approval of the design with necessary institutions with closure of comments and corresponding correction of design.
  • State expertise of design.
  • Field supervision at the facility during construction.